Tuesday, June 09, 2009

3 TV Things

TV Thing the First
Even though this may be way too meta, even for me, I'm posting here College Humor's latest masterpiece, a sitcom intro about sitcom intros:

Can't see the video? Click here: http://sssemester.blogspot.com

TV Thing the Second
I've started working part-time in the office of a psychologist friend. She is awesome to work for, and as you might expect, I get to meet some interesting characters.

The interestingest character today was a 10-year-old-ish boy whose sibling had an appointment with my boss. This kid and his mom stayed out in the waiting room while the appointment was going on, and about 40 minutes into it, I thought I heard him chanting what sounded like "Supermarket Sweep! Supermarket Sweep!"

I was certain, however, that he could not possibly be chanting "Supermarket Sweep!" -- could he? I opened the little sliding glass window thingie and, sure enough, there he was repeating, over and over, "Supermarket Sweep! Supermarket Sweep!" I know not why he was saying this, nor do I know what Angel of Restraint helped me keep from busting out laughing, but I hope they bring that show back, if only so that kid can be on it.

I, of course, have a long and storied Supermarket-Sweep-related past. Especially in college, if I was at the grocery store with roommates and we were at the checkout and realized we'd forgotten something, I'd click instantly into "Mini-Sweep" mode and race through the store to find it and bring it back to the checkout, typically in 20 seconds or less, so as to achieve the $100 Mini-Sweep Bonus. I was also known to make up ridiculously cheesy rhyming puzzles, which I delivered enthusiastically for my friends while we shopped. Like, such as:

If you're looking for a snack and your salty taste bud tingles,
Pop open a cylindrical container of the potato crisps called _________!

(Pringles. We were looking for Pringles. Pringles.) (Also, did you know there was a whole big court case in the UK about whether Pringles were actually potato chips or not?)

So, anyway, I think it would be great if "Supermarket Sweep" made a comeback, because the kid from the office this morning and I would make a great team.

TV Thing the Third
Ah, you know, things are always funnier in threes, but I just can't pull anything out about TV right now. I suppose I could talk about this "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here," but it makes me very uncomfortable...

Oh! I just thought of something. This hilarious clip from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" wherein Mark Paul Gosselaar does an entire interview as his Zack Morris character from "Saved By The Bell."

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Food For Thought said...

aw! i used to love Supermarket Sweep!