Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another contest is coming!

This Saturday, at 7:00pm EDT, I'll post the next Song! Intro! Challenge! here on the blog.

This one will contain 45 songs (!) for you to identify by title and artist, and the grand prize* will be a $10 Costco Cash Card, which you can use at the nearest Costco for things such as gasoline and 5-gallon jars of mayonnaise. (Yuck. But, as always, to each his own.)

So, check back here on ye olde blogge at exactly 7:00pm Eastern on Saturday and maybe you'll win! You can play the version from Monday night below to prepare. Also, you might take a look at the rest of the blog to see what you can glean from how I write; use those clues to determine the kinds of music you might want to study up on. (If you're thinking hardcore metal and gangsta rap, you're a bit off.)

This next contest will run through 7:00pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 9, and I won't post any results until that time, so enter early and enter often!

* Don't go getting all excited yet, but it's possible the prize package may get even better. A "friend" heard I was learning the dance steps to the Miley Cyrus hit Hoedown Throwdown in preparation for a barn dance fundraiser in October, and I have been dared to also include, for this contest's winner, an audiovisual treat: a video of me doing the dance steps to the three-minute version of Hoedown Throwdown.

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