Monday, June 15, 2009

Anticlimactic Blog about the Fire

So, there was a fire in the condo next door; we all could've been killed; we weren't. You're up to speed. (Just kidding.)

I mean, there really WAS a fire in the condo next door. I just didn't find out about it until after the fact, because I was out at choir rehearsal that evening. I returned home after post-choir drinks and found my front door broken in, my electricity off, and my home smelling like smoke. What I did NOT find was a note. Apparently, when you're out and your potentially on-fire house is broken into by the Fire Dept., they don't leave a note.

So after dealing with phone-tree hell and an attitudinal woman at Fire & Ambulance Dispatch (thanks for nothing, ma'am), I finally figured out who I needed to call to figure out why all my stuff was rearranged and why my house smelled like smoke and why my front door had been kicked (or whatevered) in and why my rabbit was in my upstairs bathroom.*

Long story short (too late) -- my next door neighbor's place had a fire, the Fire Department did their job, and the only real damage was the broken front door, some major footprints and wall smears from firefighters tromping around the place and a still-slightly-lingering smoke smell. Other than that, it's all good.

* Milo apparently weathered the firefighters' visit well. Because I was not home and the fire happened in the space above my neighbor's and my garages which share a wall, the FD had to break into my house to make sure the fire had not spread. (It hadn't.) In the process, they moved the thing on the steps that (mostly) keeps Milo downstairs (since he's a free range bunny) and they also left all the doors upstairs open, too. So he actually found his way upstairs and into the bathroom in the time between the FD's visit and when I got home. I hope he lived it up, because that's the last time I expect him to be up there...

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