Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Song! Challenge! #3 (What happened to the "Intro!"?)

This weekend's Song! Challenge! -- posting live at 7pm EDT on Saturday, June 13, and running through 7pm EDT on Tuesday, June 16 -- will have a slightly different sound to it. In fact, it's going to be MUCH, MUCH shorter (probably less than a minute, compared to 8 minutes and 51 seconds last week) and MUCH, MUCH more random. But the same rules apply -- first response with all the answers correct, or the earliest response with the most answers correct, wins a prize.

The theme is Themes -- TV show theme songs, to be exact. And of course, as it is now "Song! Challenge!" and not "Song! Intro! Challenge!" you'll be called upon to identify TV shows based on their theme songs, just not necessarily from the very beginning. There is, of course, a twist...which you'll get to learn on Saturday when the game posts.

The prize this week is a keepsake (pronounced: "bootleg") CD with dozens of my favorite TV theme songs on it. Just like last week, everyone who enters gets something, too -- this week, it's a special, supersecret link to a video of me performing three of my favorite TV theme songs.

So, study up on your TV theme songs or find a friend who knows their TV themes and come back here at 7pm EDT on Saturday, June 13, to enter!

See ya then!

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