Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Song! Challenge! #4 - RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's Numbers! Song! Challenge! Big ups to Jon & Jenny for their victory in this week's contest.

The scores* are as follows...
  • Ninth Place -- Heather: 10/5
  • Eighth Place -- Sarah: 13/10
  • Sixth Place -- Shared by RealtorMichelle: 15/12 and Amanda: 15/15 (Michelle got the lenient 15 first, but Amanda's harshly judged solid 15 seems worthy of a bump up in standings...)
  • Fifth Place -- Meana: 25/25
  • Fourth Place -- Bill (sans Sacha): 28/27
  • Third Place -- Joe: 30/28 (submitted after KT's 30/28)
  • Second Place -- KT: 30/28
  • First Place -- Jenny & Jon: 31/29
* The first score listed reflects the judge's lenient approach to evaluation, followed after a slash by the judge's harsh approach to evaluation.

As always, three things to remember:
  1. The judges' decision is final, so let it go. I mean, if I've miscounted, feel free to let me know, and I'll update the standings, but my (lenient) calls on songs such as "(She's) Sexy + 17" and "I Have A Love/One Hand, One Heart" stand in each case.
  2. The first prize is five bucks at Fazoli's and the chance to pick a song for me to make a video of, so no big whoop.
  3. Everyone who entered gets an e-mail, coming soon (but probably over the weekend, at the earliest, since there's real work involved this time!), with a super-secret link to a video of me doing something random (in this case, performing whichever song Jon & Jenny pick). Players, watch for your e-mail soon. Be advised that I will likely be placing the video here on the blog a few days after you get the link, so if you want to feel like you're getting the special sneak preview, you'll want to click that link and watch it quickly.
Thanks to everyone for playing. Check back here at 7pm EDT on Saturday for this week's Song! Challenge! The theme is "Seithgie Kcabhsalf" -- remember when we were growing up, DJs would play song clips backwards all the time, and Caller #9 got the chance to identify the song and win concert tickets? Yeah, this is 16 or 17 of those, all from the 80's. Prize TBD (not concert tickets).

See ya Saturday at 7pm EDT!

Oh, and here are all the answers from this week's Challenge!

1. 1,2,3 - Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
2. Get'cha Head in the Game - B5
3. This One's For You - Barry Manilow
4. Eight Days a Week - Beatles
5. Two Piña Coladas - Garth Brooks (Shout-out to Amanda for using the "ñ" in "Piña")
6. Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Great White
7. One on One - Hall & Oates
8. Love on a Two-Way Street - The Moments
9. Six Feet Under Theme
10. ABC - Jackson 5
11. Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Three Dog Night
12. Dance: Ten, Looks: Three - A Chorus Line
13. (She's) Sexy + 17 - Stray Cats
14. 867-5309/Jenny - Tommy Tutone
15. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
16. Thirtysomething Theme
17. One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston
18. Two Less Lonely People in the World - Air Supply
19. Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
20. 1999 - Prince
21. You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinatra
22. For Once in My Life - Stevie Wonder
23. One Song Glory - Rent
24. Number One in Heaven - Nemesis
25. Freedom '90 - George Michael
26. Welcome to the 60's - Hairspray
27. I'm a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears
28. Wake Up Call - Maroon 5
29. I Have A Love / One Hand, One Heart - Barbra Streisand and Johnny Mathis
30. One of Us - ABBA
31. Hawaii Five-0 Theme


K.T. said...

I've noticed some re-calculation of the results. I am over it. When I submitted, I knew that I would not win. If only I could have stayed up past 1:00 a.m. on Saturday night when I thought "I'll get back to this tomorrow, no one is up working on this at 1:00 a.m." Silly me.

But....I'm wondering what Joe missed, because I think he should actually be #2. I'm not sure if you are recongizing "Pamela Blair", as she was the cast member singing Dance: Ten; Looks: Three.

So, not asking for any change in the top spot or anything, but just wanted to see how the strict rules are applying in this case.

Scott S. Semester said...

Haha, yes, do not underestimate the late-night shenanigans of others. Especially those in Yuma, AZ, who are a couple hours behind us. Screwed by our time zone again!

I was tired last night when I tabulated the results, but here was my reasoning:

In the harsh application of scoring, Jon & Jenny missed #12 and #26 because they used "Dance: 10, Looks: 3" instead of "Dance: Ten, Looks: Three" and "Welcome to the Sixties" instead of "Welcome to the 60's".

KT missed #24 because the name of the group is "Nemesis," not "Nemesis Rising." (That was the name of the reality show that they were on.) And then in the strict application of judging, also #10 "ABC/The Jackson Five" (because it's officially "The Jackson 5") and #18 because the full title is "Two Less Lonely People in the World."

Unless I overlooked something (COMPLETELY POSSIBLE), Joe's list is pretty much the same as KT's list, except for additional detail, like Pamela Blair (which I counted as correct) and the composers of the TV theme songs (which I also counted as correct, just not extra credit). So Joe missed only #24 with the lenient scoring, and then also #10 and #18 with the harsh scoring.

Scott S. Semester said...

Oh! I hit SEND too soon. So, since I calculated the same scores for Joe and KT (30 in the lenient, 28 in the harsh), KT still comes in 2nd because she submitted her response first.

PS -- I might just go back to a the-judge-can-be-as-lenient-as-he-wishes policy. :)

K.T. said...

Thank you Scott! Feedback is always needed if I am going to improve upon my scores.

I still don't know how I'll ever have any contribution to a backwards challenge, but at least I will have a partner on that one.

Scott S. Semester said...

"Thank you Scott! Feedback is always needed..." That's why you're awesome! :)

I forget: Who's your partner this weekend? Playing with a teammate will have big benefits. I think that's why Jenny & Jon (with 2 victories) and Sacha & Bill (with 1 victory) have dominated so far. It's amazing how any two people can work together to identify almost any song clip...

K.T. said...

Sounds like you have heard some teamwork speeches in the past! Were you ever an RA? :-)

JL said...

I will just say that my victory this week was pretty much a solo effort except that Jon checked them over in case I was wrong about one of the ones I only knew because of my friend, Google. I also will say that I saw Dance:10; Looks:3 on a website written that way. But that's okay! Give me Fazoli's gift card to the #2 person since I live in the freakin' middle of nowhere. I value the dancing video a lot more!