Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Theme Song! Challenge! Results (And the winner is...)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's Theme Song! Challenge! Big ups to Sacha and Bill for their victory in this week's contest.

Here are the scores:
  • Ninth Place: Heather with 8/19
  • Eighth Place: Myrna (Meana) with 9/19
  • Seventh Place: Cousin Lisa with 10/19
  • Sixth Place: Amy Bridges with 11/19 at 2:21pm on 6/14 (although she alleges she was prepared for an earlier entry, that was when I got home to do the entry from the scrawled-on envelope she gave me at church Sunday morning)
  • Fifth Place: Gus Pearcy with 11/19 at 8:15am on 6/14
  • Fourth Place: Amy (Ket) with 11/19 at 7:27pm on 6/13
  • Third Place: KT with 17/19 at 6:32pm on 6/16
  • Second Place: KT's friend Joe with 18/19 at exactly 7:00pm on 6/16
  • First Place: Sacha and Bill with 18/19 at 10:24pm on 6/13

As always, three things to remember:

1. The judges' decision is final, so let it go.
2. The first prize is a bootleg CD, so no big whoop.
3. Everyone who entered gets an e-mail, coming soon, with a super-secret link to a video of me doing something random (in this case, performing TV theme songs). Players, watch for your e-mail soon. Be advised that I will likely be placing the video here on the blog some time later this week, so if you want to feel like you're getting the special sneak preview, you'll want to click that link and watch it quickly.

Thanks to everyone for playing. Check back here at 7pm EDT on Saturday for this week's Song! Challenge! You might want to study your math before this weekend. We'll be looking for songs involving or related to numbers.

See ya Saturday at 7pm EDT!

Oh, and here are all the answers from this week's Challenge!

1. Alice
2. Ally McBeal
3. The Andy Griffith Show
4. The Banana Splits
5. Batman
6. The Flintstones
7. Frasier
8. Full House
9. Growing Pains
10. Mad About You
11. Pee Wee's Playhouse
12. Scooby Doo
13. 21 Jump Street
14. Gimme A Break
15. One Day At A Time
16. Maude
17. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
18. Good Times
19. The Addams Family

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, Jon and Jenny are students at the Cobra Kai karate dojo and would rather not enter at all than risk bringing dishonor to their sensei with a second-place finish. Despite their first-place finish last week, they currently suck.


K.T. said...

Hi Scott...I believe Joe is actually in second place. He got 18 of the 19 by my count. He must have been an Ally McBeal fan.

I have "let it go", but just don't want any undue glory, as I am really #3.

Scott S. Semester said...

Oooh, you are correct, KT! Sorry about that, Joe. I have made the appropriate changes!