Thursday, August 20, 2009

And now, back to our regularly scheduled inanity...

Is "inanity" a word? Like, "the condition or state of being inane"? Because that's what I feel this blog mostly is, and (based on the response that many caring, lovely people have shared lately as I strayed from the inane into the melancholy) that's what the folks have come to expect -- none of this heavy, blah-laden crappy crap.


Here goes...

Maybe we'll start with a list of four things that make me really laugh these days, in no particular order:

1. I'm working as the office manager at a psychology practice (which, in and of itself, one must admit, is pretty funny). But what never fails to make me laugh is that we have a patient whose name is Grace. (I don't think that violates HIPAA, does it?) Anyway, every time I see Grace's file, the only thing I can think of -- LITERALLY the only thing -- is Ed Rooney from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (played by accused pedophile Jeffrey Jones) screaming "Grace? Grace! GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCEEEEE!" to his bumbling, yet delightful secretary (played by the bumbling, yet delightful Edie McClurg). This generates a smile on my face every time, as does my whisper-screaming to myself, "GRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCEEEEE!" (like at the 0:32 mark here). While it's true that I like to file all our patient files (which, I assume, is also kind of funny), I really look forward to filing Grace's file.

2. This performance art/political satire, from some folks with video editing software and an autotuner.

3. The tweets of Nereus, a walrus at the Indianapolis Zoo. I'm hoping they get the new baby giraffe (Mazel tov, Takasa and Eddie!) set up on Twitter, also.

4. The podcast called "Jordan, Jesse, GO!" which is available for download on iTunes -- more info (and more hilarity) at Also, check out the full version of the song they use as the JJGo theme song: "Love You" by Free Design, which doesn't make me laugh, but which brings me great joy.

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jss said...

Loved the walrus tweets!