Monday, August 17, 2009

Bringing us all up to speed

It's been a WHILE since I updated this here blog -- I mean, since before I updated it with the Song! Challenge! results a minute ago. Here's what's happened in the last two weeks:

I went to a wedding in a castle. You may or may not have helped with my choice of neckwear. The wedding was at Meyer's Castle in Dyer, Indiana. It was a beautiful affair, and the bride and groom threw a rockin' reception. She's Puerto Rican and he's Macedonian, so the music was hopping all night long. On the SSSF, it was definitely far superior to the average wedding score of 7.2. I'd put it somewhere around 8.5. It was good to see Myrna's family again and it was great to hang out with Buki and Maria, whose wedding I got to attend last year. Remember? I also got to meet Myrna's new niece, Anna Maria, who is adorable, and I got to see Myrna's nephew Christopher again, too -- he's also adorable, and supersmart.

After the wedding weekend, I quickly motored home for the TasteCasting event at Scotty's Brewhouse, which I blogged about here -- pretty much the last complete blog post I did. It was a blast, and I will definitely be back to Scotty's in the near future, especially with live music downtown on the patio on Thursdays at 5.

You may have heard me mention a Barn Dance fundraiser that we were planning on behalf of Motus Dance Theatre. About two weeks ago, the board of directors met and decided to postpone our major fundraiser for the year. Instead, we're going to do smaller, more intimate productions, with opportunities for folks to become more closely acquainted with the dancers and what Motus is all about. So, while I would not say that my learning the Hoedown Throwdown was a waste of time and energy, I am sad to say that I probably won't have a formal opportunity to bust it out this year.

Since we last spoke, I also added a temporary roommate to the condo. My Special Guest Cat's name is Lucky, and he belongs to my friends Will and Carolyn, who are currently between homes. They just sold their house and are in the process of moving into a home closer to Carolyn's workplace. In the meantime, Lucky is staying with me and, as you can tell, he has already made himself at home. There is a chance that Will and Carolyn will also be staying with me for a while, too. 

Also recently, I had the honor of singing with a small ensemble at a big ceremony honoring Dr. Carver McGriff's service to God and country. Dr. McGriff, former senior pastor at St. Luke's Church, was a soldier during World War II and was one of the troops who fought at Normandy. He was being recognized by the Republic of France as a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, which is one of the highest decorations in France. It was great to be able to be a part of that ceremony, and it was wonderful to see so many people come out in support of Dr. McGriff.

This past Friday was jam-packed with fun. I got to hang out with my one-year-old friend Auggie, who is brilliant and hilarious. After a particularly challenging diaper change (his, not mine), we spent some quality exersaucer/jumper time (we took turns) and then played the game where he decides he wants to be put down and then immediately decides he wants to be held again. We also played the hilarious game, "Stack Up the DVDs and Then Knock Them Over Because, Oh My God, That Is, Like, the Funniest Thing Ever! (new from Milton-Bradley)." Looks like I'll have a regular gig as Auggie's Friday manny while his mom Katie goes to nursing school.

After hanging out with Auggie, I went to the Fish Fry at Old Bethel United Methodist Church, on the city's east side. I put fish filets onto buns and then wrapped them up with blinding speed and accuracy. I'd have appreciated fireproof gloves, because that fish was rightoutofthefryer!, but whattayagonnado? I got to be a part of the fish fry courtesy of my friend Lisa, who introduced me to her parents (which was odd, because we'd have thought we had met when Lisa and I were at IU together, but we never had, but which was GREAT, because Lisa's dad organized the Old Bethel Fish Fry like 24 years ago, and the United Methodist Men at St. Luke's are organizing their first-ever fish fry for October, so I got his contact info so they can pick his brain for additional info).

Saturday was a big, big day with another handsome, hilarious infant: my awesome nephew. Owen Russell "Bubby" Semester got baptized on Saturday, August 15, and I am honored to be one of his sponsors/godparents/whatever. Bubby did great through the baptism part, and then a few minutes later, after his dad (my brother JJ) fed him, he baptized JJ -- well, JJ's pants and socks -- with some spit-up. The Lord's Prayer has never been so funny.

Which brings us to yesterday - a full day if ever there was one: I volunteered at the Tri Indy Triathlon (mostly because volunteers got a free burrito from Chipotle, but also because a triathlon is still on my life list of things to do), and then had breakfast with Myrna, and then took a great nap. Then I sang at St. Luke's for the Taize service, followed by a delightful post-Taize meal full of surprises at Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple. After that, I zipped up to Carmel and mowed Mom and Dad's lawn and then headed over to JJ and Beth's for a couple minutes before heading home to zonk out.

So, that pretty much gives you a rundown of what I've been up to lately. I'm working part-time at the Center for Child & Family Therapy / Strategic Sport Psychology, which is awesome, and I'm working to further develop the 36cents: ¢hange. everything. campaign into something even bigger. (I'm up over $160 now, without really even trying hard -- I feel like I can really make a go of it!) 

Other stuff I'm working on, in case you want to help:
  • Recruiting college students to the St. Luke's Chancel Choir (You can text SING to 50500 to get our rehearsal schedule and other info)
  • Planning and promoting the aforementioned mini-fundraisers for Motus
  • Supporting the work of Freewheelin' Community Bikes
  • Looking for a permanent, full-time job that pays in the $50K to $60K range, which capitalizes on my background in not-for-profit fund raising and management, my skills in writing and editing, and my intelligence, enthusiasm, and humor.
I promise it'll never be two weeks between significant blog posts ever again! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here soon!

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