Monday, August 24, 2009

For Megan

My Twitter friend @Megan_Maria works at a place that contains a co-worker who regularly busts out the nail clipper and goes to town. In response to her tweet just now, and in solidarity because I, too, once worked in the office next door to a serial nail clipper (honestly, Unnamed Former Co-worker* -- like twice, a week?!), I share with her and with you "Punk Song" by Monkey Puzzle:

Let's play a game: What's the worst thing your Corporate America co-worker does? That is to say, why does Corporate America bite YOUR ass? Leave yours in the comments!

* The first draft of this post named names. But because my posts get sucked into Facebook and I have roughly 50 FB friends who could potentially see this and learn unattractive things about this person, I decided to remove it. See how I've grown?


megan said...

Thanks. I'm pretty sure there are multiple nail clippers, though. They all suck as people.

K.T. said...

I hate the flip flop at work. Really, I don't want to know what your toes look like, unless I know you outside of work.

I also have another one that I discovered today. But, it is a little too disturbing to post.

Ket said...

Let's see... the worst thing? Well, someone who works FOR me lies TO me and ABOUT me to her colleagues. And she is our resident "expert."

Fun, right?