Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm now a Brewhousketeer

I don't know if that's a real thing, but I'm a real fan of Scotty's Brewhouse now.

I went on my second TasteCasting adventure last night. (Here's what that means, free-dinner disclosure included.)

We went to Scotty's Brewhouse, the downtown Indy location, at the corner of Pennsylvania and Virginia. (Virginia is the diagonal one that runs from downtown southeast to Fountain Square.)

I zoomed into town on the way back from the wedding at the castle, and made it to the Brewhouse just as the festivities were starting. Scott Wise, the CEO of Scotty's Brewhouse, talked a little bit about the Brewhouse concept and what he hoped to be doing as a restaurateur, as a businessman, and as a social media participant. (He's on Facebook and Twitter, among other things.)

The helpful staff had set out a ton of appetizers for us to sample. I got to try some buffalo wings (zesty and meaty), a chicken finger (from the chicken with the biggest hands you've ever seen, apparently), and some carrots and celery. I casually glanced through the massive menu, but since it was my first time at Scotty's, I had to order my regular dish-by-which-I-judge-every-restaurant: the buffalo chicken sandwich. When dinner arrived (buffchix + waffle fries), I dug right in and enjoyed it a lot. The sauce was just right -- spicy and zingy, but not painful -- and the chicken was big and meaty. So big, in fact, that I couldn't finish the whole sandwich. Now, part of that may be because of the wings and chicken finger I had, but this was seriously a large plate of food.

I didn't get to sample dessert, because I had to get home, but I did stop in the restroom on the way out. (Not that that makes up for dessert, but the bathroom did contain something noteworthy.) OK, you know those Excelerator hand dryers that you're seeing everywhere these days? It's like a jet engine installed in the men's room and it literally blows the water off your hand, to the extent that you can see your skin flapping underneath its mighty wind shear? Well, Scotty's doesn't have those, but what they have is even better -- the Dyson Airblade, which has the triple-threat features of 1) futuristic look, 2) almost no risk of blowing your hand right off like I've heard the Excelerator can, and 3) actually effective at drying hands. What I am saying is this: it is worth the trip to Scotty's Brewhouse just to use the special hand dryers in the restrooms.

Overall, the food was great, the atmosphere was good -- lively and fun, but also quiet enough to engage in conversation -- and the service was attentive. I'll definitely be heading back to Scotty's some time soon, either at the downtown location or at the northside spot on 96th Street, just east of Keystone.


Colin Clark said...

I love those airblades! My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in keywest and they had airblades everywhere. Even in the trashiest of dive bars they had these high-tech hand driers in the restrooms. Funny eh?

jss said...

I had a great lunch about a month ago at the Scotty's on 96th St. Very good food! I don't recall the airblade, though I did use the restroom. Maybe that's new or downtown Scotty's specific?

Anonymous said...

Or you could visit the one in Bloomington and have dinner with your good friend julmille!

scottysbrewhouse said...


Thanks for the great blog write-up. I appreciate all the kind words about me personally, as a business person, and for the food, service and atmosphere. Including the new, high-power, Dyson airblades. (For the other comment, they are relatively new - about 3 weeks old, so you may have not seen them yet.)

Anyway, thanks again and let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Continue to let me know how my staff is doing on all visits. I appreciate the direct feedback. (