Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Poems I Owe 'Em

Way back in the day (about a month ago), I had a Song! Challenge! where the (Almost) Everybody "Wins" prize was a poem about each person that entered. I'm FINALLY able to publish those prize poems here. Sorry for the delay, everyone!

For Amanda and Ryan

They walked hand-in-hand,
wandering, wondering, laughing.
Their future, together and apart,
full of possibilities yet certain to contain twists and turns.
The questions on their hearts were large and heavy
but seemed smaller and lighter
as they walked hand-in-hand,
wandering, wondering, laughing, together.

For Ryan R

"It's hard
to write a poem
about someone you've never met,"
he said.

"Why not just transcribe
this conversation
we're having,
and write it all poem-like --
you know, with
line breaks
and there --
and make that your poem about him?" she replied.

For Sarah

This tree grows in the desert

A tall, tall tree with juicy, luscious fruit blossoming from every branch
whose leaves laugh in the whipping wind

This tree grows in the desert

A strong, strong tree with limbs created for comfort and shade
whose roots go deep, deeper, all the way to the center of the world

This tree grows in the desert

A loving, loving tree with enough for everyone to share
whose reach extends further and further each day

This tree grows in the desert

For JL

You can hear my friend Jenny approach your house before she even knocks on the door. The birds announce her arrival with a silver song, like giggles mixed with honey. She's a teacher -- as a job and as a calling. I think God speaks through my friend Jenny. Not with words or visions, but with a constant joy that sometimes bursts forth like a summer storm and sometimes sneaks out like the first freesia fragrance in the spring. It's not that she doesn't get angry or hurt or disappointed or sad, it's that her joy -- her Joy -- is bigger than that, and that makes all the difference.

For Jon

There once was a cool guy from Yuma
Who had quite a keen sense of humor.
Though he's no longer piggish
Still one body part's biggish.
Or it could be that that's just a rumor.

For Spike
(Haiku, as requested) (Spike-ku?) (And it's possible someone else requested haiku)

Love that he always
sings "Happy Birthday, Mister
President" to me.

For RealtorMichelle

She wakes up before the rest of them,
Tired, worn, exhausted.
But smiling, because she can't wait to see them again.

She walks in after a long day,
Still tired, still worn, still exhausted.
But smiling, because she can't wait to see them again.

She makes dinner
And does the dishes
And cleans the house
And cleans all of them
And reads the stories and brings the water and says the prayers and pays the bills and does the laundry
And gets done all the other things that need to get done.

And she lays her head on the pillow,
Tired again, worn again, exhausted again.
But smiling, because she can't wait to see them again.

For Dave and Lisa

You'd think it would be hard to know anything about a person
after just having one meal with them.

You might know their name
and a little about their job, sure,
but what do you really know?

The high school they went to,
and which instrument they played in marching band?
The number of kids they have
and their ages? Maybe even their names?
How they met?
Where and when they married?

But you can know, really.
At least the Most Important Thing.

When they walk in, and when they sit down, and when they laugh, and when they eat, and when they stand close to each other, and when they leave, you can see their love for each other and for their family.

In their eyes, in their hands, in their smiles.
You can tell; you can just tell.

For Brooke

A musician's sense of rhythm
and a pirate's sense of direction.

A dancer who doesn't know it yet
and a teacher who's known all along.

A magnet unaware of her polarity
in a world of Opposites and Likes.

The unapologetic Gemini bathes in dichotomy,
robes herself in contradiction,
flies high the banner of paradox.

She walks the path before her,
day by day, step by step,
without the certainty of knowing what's next,
but clinging with faith to the certainty of hope.

PS - I know I still owe some drawings and a couple videos (Lord help me, one for "Rehab" and one for "Walk the Dinosaur"). I apologize for the delay but will get those up and out ASAP!

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