Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wouldja like to take a sur-VEY?

The good people at FormSpring are looking for a Marketing Specialist. Because I would like to learn more about the product so I can impress them and get this job, I just signed up for a free FormSpring account and you should, too.

It's pretty cool and allows you to collect and manage information online using a variety of data-input options. The brief survey that I link to below is just a VERY simple example of a FormSpring form. You can also use it to create contact forms, accept online donations, manage event registrations, and tons more. It's pretty powerful stuff and, whether you're using it for sophisticated customer relations initiatives or for managing your upcoming family reunion, it can do a LOT.

Complete the survey and let me know how awesome you think I am! There is no prize associated with taking this survey...yet. But if things go well and the fine folks at FormSpring hire me, I'll have money to secure a prize and we can all do this again some time soon!

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