Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I'm Working On Right Now

I'm sharing this because you're interested in what I'm doing, and not at all because I'd like to mark for posterity the fact that this is the work of me and a few others, in case someone else at some point decides to write a book about it two years from now. [/sarcasm] 


We're working on a new model for membership at St. Luke's and the image below is from the conversation guide we'll be using over the next few months to facilitate discussion and develop a plan.

If you have any opinions, ideas, or insights about church membership, especially megachurch membership trends or insights for attracting younger individuals and families to very large churches, I'm all ears. Comment away!


Ket said...

So, I'm doing my best to ask this without sounding cynical/snarky/obnoxious/whatever. And honest I don't mean this to be any of those things (or whatever).


Doesn't working under the construct of requiring a "conversation guide we'll be using over the next few months to facilitate discussion and develop a plan" make you tired?

I would just be itching to DO something long before the conversation was over, is all I'm saying.

But knowing you I'm sure the conversations are good ones. Thought provoking & spirited and all that. So good luck with them!

(Can you tell I'm not a megachurch kind of girl? Um, actually, I'm not an any church kind of girl currently so why listen to me anyway??)

Scott S. Semester said...

Haha, you can be all those things AND have a good point, too.

Which you do. And it does make me tired, before we've even begun. But if Aunt Pants and I learned anything from the clusterhandshake that was bringing Together In Ministry Everyday to fruition, it's that these things take time.

The good news is that while we're having all these conversations, there are a number of concrete things we can be pushing forward in our own little silo/fiefdom/whatever, which we are doing. (Shh!)

Thanks for the well wishes and for the feedback. And do NOT assume that since you're not an any church kind of girl, we wouldn't want to hear from you -- indeed, you and Rob and Sara are right in one of the sweet spots of who we're trying to attract. Maybe you'll give St L's another chance in a year or so if we come up with something for you...especially something that de-megafies the megachurch?