Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AutobioGraphic Content

Over on the Imagination Prompt Generator (I'm dry on blog ideas, can you tell?), one of the recommendations was: Brainstorm 10 titles to your autobiography. By which I think they mean "Brainstorm 10 titles for your autobiography" but, you know, po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Here goes:
  1. To Err Is Humor: Getting to funny, in spite of myself
  2. Club 84, "Fat Man, Big Belly" & Other Adventures Along the Way: Tales of travel and merriment
  3. Apologize Early and Often: Learning and learning and learning
  4. A Perfectly Lovely Runner-Up: Second place, but not in an angry, second-place-is-first-loser sort of way
  5. Faithfully Humorous, Humorously Faithful
  6. Hopefully Naïve: The Inexplicable Achievements of the Inexhaustibly Enthusiastic
  7. Robert E. Lee ≠ Ron Ely and Other Things I Learned, Hilariously, In Fifth Grade
  8. A Cautionary Tale: The Life and Times of Scott S. Semester
  9. A Semester with Scott (submitted by the tweanut gallery, aka my Twitter friends)
  10. I Am Mostly Kidding

1 comment:

jss said...

Haha! I like "Faithfully Humorous, Humorously Faithful" and
I Am Mostly Kidding"