Saturday, October 31, 2009

You Should Totally Come: THIS THURSDAY AT ST. LUKE'S

If you are going to be in Indianapolis this Thursday night, you should totally come to a free dinner at St. Luke's United Methodist Church. Butler Men's Basketball Coach Brad Stevens will talk about his journey from the world of business to the world of collegiate coaching and why he and his family are part of the St. Luke's community.

Anyone who is not a registered member of St. Luke's is invited to come to this complimentary dinner and be inspired by Brad Stevens and our entertainment, which will include special music from Ken Knowles and -- for better or for worse -- me!

I'd love for you to come as my guest. If you're not already a member and want to come, just let me know and I can RSVP for you, or you can RSVP directly to Sylvia (info below). If you are a St. Luke's member, then join us as our guest by bringing a friend, neighbor, relative or colleague who doesn't currently have a church home -- just RSVP to Sylvia with your name and your guests' names, and we'll make sure we've got a seat saved for you!

Non-Members: This is one way we'd like to invite you into our faith family and see what makes St. Luke's the community it is. There will be information available about St. Luke's and how to become a member, but you can expect NOT to be subjected to a hard sell. We'll do way more showing than telling, and we're just eager to share a meal with you and invite you into our spiritual home.

Members: If you invite a friend who can't come to the dinner, you should come anyway, and tell us about your friend so we might reach out to them with information about St. Luke's and invite them to consider uniting with our faith family.

Call Sylvia at 846-3404 or e-mail her at to RSVP and arrange for childcare during the dinner, if needed.

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DLD said...

We'll be there. I know Brad's story, and it's great to hear it again. Looking forward to hearing you and Ken sing together, too.