Saturday, May 15, 2010

Song! Challenge! #11: Change of Scene - Results

The Song! Challenge! is back! But the scoring! My God, the scoring!

Sorry for the delay. Here are the standings from the 5/8/10 Song! Challenge! It's possible that I've screwed up, since it's So. Danged. Loud. in this Panera and I can't concentrate for crap.

But here's how I tabulated:
  • Beth 5 out of 13
  • Kate 6 out of 13
  • Michelle 6 out of 13
  • KT 7 out of 13
  • Amanda (and Ryan, who really brought it around) 8 out of 13
  • Brooke 8 out of 13
  • DG 9 out of 13
  • Lisa and Dave 9 out of 13
  • Sacha and Bill 12 out of 13
Congrats to Sacha and Bill -- for their song-identifying ability and for their (sneaky?) strategery in the go-back-and-change-to-correct-answers approach.

Anyway, here are the answers from last week's quiz:
  1. Batman (the scene transition noise)
  2. Wheel of Fortune (Bankrupt noise)
  3. Blossom (where the hell Dave and Lisa pulled this from, I have no idea, but well done!)
  4. The Brady Bunch (right after the opening theme)
  5. Charlie's Angels (bump to commercial)
  6. SuperFriends (the galaxy scene transition noise)
  7. Doogie Howser, MD (big ups to Kate B for picking up on the synthesizer)
  8. Smurfs (right after the opening theme)
  9. Golden Girls (right after the opening theme - the clip that inspired this Challenge!)
  10. Perfect Strangers (the harmonica is the clue in this one)
  11. Law and Order (the Gung-Gung! noise; RIP L&O, 1990 - 2010)
  12. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (Which NOBODY least nobody who entered. I'm looking at you, Jon and Jenny. Anyway, this noise occurs at the end of every episode, between "Do it, Rockapella!" and "Hoo-wah, hooten-boobay, hoo-wah.")
  13. Saved by the Bell (scene transition music)
Don't forget to tune in tonight at 7pm EDT for another chance at a Song! Challenge! and a fantastic prize!

Oh! And if you beat the (Almost) Everybody "Wins" number of 7 (KT, Amanda, Brooke, DG, Dave & Lisa, and Sacha & Bill), then I'll have your prize for you soon.

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shouldhavezagged said...

Even without our amended answers, we still would've won -- no one else got 10 answers right. I feel good about our performance. So there.