Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Song Challenge #13: (Tsiwt A Htiw) !Egnellahc !Gnos -- SOLUTION

*It helps if you say this in a robot voice, since it's an automated post.*

Scott is currently at a meeting and away from his computer. But he knows the Song! Challenge! is important to you. All entries will be posted when he returns from the meeting. In the meantime, here is this week's Challenge! played in reverse (from #10 to #1), so you can check your answers.

Here's the Challenge! in reverse (with me saying "Number 10" to "Number 1" backwards and after each clip, naturally). Answers below; results to be posted soon.

10. "Dancing Machine" - The Jackson Five
9. "Come Dancing" - The Kinks
8. "Dancing in the Streets" - Martha and the Vandellas
7. "Liquid Dance" - A.R. Rahman feat. Palakkad Sriram and Madhumitha ("Slumdog Millionaire" Soundtrack)
6. "So She Dances" - Josh Groban
5. "Shadow Dancing" - Andy Gibb
4. "Dance Ten, Looks Three" - Pamela Blair ("A Chorus Line" Soundtrack)
3. "Dance Naked" - John Mellencamp
2. "Shall We Dance" - Constance Towers & Yul Brynner ("The King & I" Soundtrack)
1. "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" - Leo Sayer


shouldhavezagged said...

Holy crap was my sponsorship of this week's puzzle good timing -- I would've gotten NONE of them right! I don't even *know* most of those songs. Yikes.

Lisa said...

Those were pretty tough!!
Dave & Lisa