Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Parts of Speech - A New Blog Game! (?) - RESULTS!

Last night, we debuted a new blog game: PARTS OF SPEECH! Did you play? Did you win?!

Well, apparently, many of you played -- but there can only be one winner! Some of you actually read the instructions and others did not, but it seems like most had a kinda fun to fun time, so we'll be continuing this in the future.

This first one was pretty easy. But for the record:
  • The speaker was Lou Gehrig, on the occasion of his farewell to baseball. (And PS -- I'd never listened to the speech before, so I had never heard the heartbreaking pause between "And I might have..." and "...been given a bad break." Wow.)
  • The date was July 4, 1939.
  • The location was Bronx (New York City), New York, USA. (Many of you got more specific and said Yankee Stadium or, surprisingly, the exact longitude and latitude of Yankee Stadium: 40°49' 37'' N 73°55' 41'' W.)
Of course, some of you didn't include a location. Or the location you included didn't contain what was specifically requested: City and State/Country. Therefore, although there were four entries before hers, including the aforementioned longitude/latitude one, the judges have declared Carol Lee to be the winner of the first PARTS OF SPEECH! (Sadly, Carol Lee, there is no prize this time around. Maybe next time!)

Thanks, everyone, for playing! Be sure to check out another new game tonight. It'll be a lot more involved, but I think you'll find it fun, as well. It'll go live here on the blog tonight at 7:00pm EDT!

See you then -- and in the meantime, keep figuring it out!*
*If I'm going to keep doing these puzzles, I'll need a fun sign-off. I'm not sure " the meantime, keep figuring it out!" is it, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? If you have any suggestions, drop 'em in the comments here. Thanks again!

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