Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pop Culture Math! #2: You must show your work. - RESULTS

On Thursday, we continued the blog game that's sweeping the nation*: POP CULTURE MATH! Did you play? Did you win?! (*Not really, of course. But! I actually have an idea for a way to scale POP CULTURE MATH into a live-action game show called STARITHMETIC. Workshopping it now, will let you know when I'm ready for action.)


Just like last week, there was no agreement on the answer. Only three people played this week, but all three had different answers. And there can only be one winner: the FIRST one with the CORRECT answer. This time around, I asked you to show your work, and it is, therefore, easier to figure out where the different mistakes came in.

As I said, it turns out this second one was also pretty tricky...even tougher than the first one. Here's my read on it:

Phillip Drummond just built a new luxury apartment building. And he needs help selling the apartments.

The building has a number of floors equal to the number of children Steven and Elyse Keaton have, multiplied by the number of children Howard and Marion Cunningham have, multiplied by the number of children Ward and June Cleaver have.

4 Keatons (Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, Andrew) x 3 Cunninghams (Chuck, Richie, Joanie) x 2 Cleavers (Wally, the Beav) = 24 floors

Each floor has a number of apartments equal to Peyton Manning's jersey number minus the number of erogenous zones Monica Geller once mapped out for Chandler Bing.

Peyton Manning = #18, minus 7 erogenous zones = 11 apartments per floor

Therefore, 24 floors x 11 apartments per floor = 264 apartments

To help sell the apartments, Donald Trump lends Mr. Drummond his former Celebrity Apprentice winners.

Celebrity Apprentice winners = Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels

Drummond divides all the apartments in his building equally among the Celebrity Apprentice winners, for them to sell.

264 apartments / 3 Celebrity Apprentice winners = 88 apartments for each to sell

He promises them that whoever sells all their apartments first will earn a commission, while the others will earn nothing. The commission is equal to the number of apartments the winner sells, multiplied by the number of Grammy Awards Bobby McFerrin has won, multiplied by the total amount wagered by Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in the Seinfeld episode, "The Contest."

Commission = 88 apartments x 10 Bobby McFerrin Grammys x $450 in the wager = $396,000

The one whose last name comes last alphabetically sold all of his or her apartments first.

Joan Rivers's last name comes last alphabetically.

Who sold all their apartments first, how many apartments did they sell, and how much was their total commission?

Joan Rivers sold all 88 of her apartments first, earning a commission of $396,000.

In a strange turn of events, same as last week, it turns out the first person to respond -- this time, Carol Lee -- was the only person to get the correct answer. Looks like the challenge this week was to remember Chuck Cunningham early in the "Happy Days" series and/or Andy Keaton toward the end of "Family Ties." Again, no prize this time around, but well played, Carol Lee!

Thanks, everyone, for playing! Be sure to check out another new Song! Challenge tonight. It'll go live here on the blog Saturday night at 7:00pm EDT!

See you then -- and in the meantime, keep figuring it out!*
*Still seeking the right tagline. Suggestions?

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