Friday, June 04, 2010

Pop Culture Math! Another New Blog Game! (?) - RESULTS

Last night, we debuted another new blog game: POP CULTURE MATH! Did you play? Did you win?!

Well, apparently, many of you played -- and almost all of you came up with a different answer: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28 -- six answers among seven unique entrants. But there can only be one winner -- I think? In this case, I'm willing to allow that either my math is wrong or my facts are wrong. I didn't ask you to show your work -- maybe I should have.

So, it turns out this first one was pretty tricky. Here's my read on it:

Mrs. Garrett baked two gross of her famous Cream Cheese Streusel Doodlebops at Edna's Edibles. (A gross is 144.)

2 x 144 = 288 to start

Ed Rooney bought four doodlebops for each day Ferris Bueller had been absent this semester (Niiiiine tiiiiimes), but then returned three for each of Ferris's absences actually reflected in the school's computer system after Ferris hacked it (Two times).

= 288 - (4 x 9) + (3 x 2) = 288 - 36 + 6 = 258

Carol Brady bought six doodlebops for each of her children and stepchildren older than Cousin Oliver (They all six were). Then she bought some more: two for each son-in-law or daughter-in-law she had in "A Very Brady Christmas." (Three: Greg, Marcia, and Jan were married in AVBC. Peter asked his girlfriend/boss Valerie to marry him at the Christmas dinner table, but Valerie does not count as a daughter-in-law in the continuity of the Very Brady Christmas universe.)

= 258 - (6 x 6) - (2 x 3) = 258 - 36 - 6 = 216

Nena bought one doodlebop to attach to each luftballoon in her song. (99 Luftballoons)

= 216 - 99 = 117

And Andrea Zuckerman bought a number of doodlebops equal to the last two digits of the year she and the gang graduated from West Beverly High School. (West Beverly Class of 1993)

= 117 - 93 = 24

So, how many doodlebops did Edna have left at the end of the day? 24*
* Because there were so many different answers, I'm willing to entertain the possibility that the question was open to interpretation and/or that my math is wrong. If so, please show your work and provide documentation as appropriate. (I'm serious. If this is going to be an ongoing thing -- and I hope it is -- then I need your feedback!)

Turns out the first person to respond last night -- Amanda M. -- was the only person to get the correct answer. (Or, at least, was the only person to get my answer. Again, my answer might be incorrect, and I'll be glad to hear your appeal. This one time, the judge's decision may not be final. Since there's no prize on the line, let me hear it!) Congratulations, Amanda! I mean, no prize this time around, but well played!

Thanks, everyone, for playing! Be sure to check out another new Song! Challenge tomorrow night. It'll go live here on the blog Saturday night at 7:00pm EDT!

See you then -- and in the meantime, keep figuring it out!*
*Yes? No? Any ideas for other taglines?


shouldhavezagged said...

I used the same work you did except I thought Andrea Zuckerman graduated in 1997 -- a quick Google search on "90210 graduation" turned up something about it being broadcast then (which I should've read more closely).

I didn't think the question was confusing or open to interpretation. If you're concerned about that then I suggest you ask people to show their work in the answer so that you can award partial know, like a math teacher does.

Anonymous said...

The answer WAS 28, not 18. My spreadsheet had a small typo in it...the answers were all right but I fat fingered one of the equations!

Really fun and entertaining game!