Saturday, September 18, 2010

Willow Smith whips her hair. (Or something?)

Do you know how many things I understand about this? None. I literally understand none-point-none things about this. But apparently it is a thing, so there you have it.

I think the Scientologists need to seriously re-evaluate their approach to evangelism. Though I don't get it, this song is catchy as hell.


Ket said...

Looking at this little girl (in case anyone -- like, say, HER PARENTS forgot) makes me feel sad and a little icky.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect Ket? She is in a showbiz family. Both her parents started in the business young- and they both seem well adjusted (aside from the whole scientology thing). I don't see her in revealing clothes, just edgy. She isn't singing about anything over the top. She is in a unique position to go for a career (not the first kid to do that) without the heartache most kids endure. She doesn't appear to be unhappy. Let the girl have her fun and aspire to her parents profession.