Saturday, September 04, 2010

You're A (Mostly) Good Man, Scott S. Semester


So, long time, no blog, right? Sorry about that. I've gotten all introspective and, instead of gettin' bloggy with it, I've kept it mostly inside -- except, of course, for the incessant God, the TWEETING!

Anyway, a number of things have happened recently. Let's get brought up to speed, shall we? (You: Oh, yes! Indubitably! May we?!) (Me: Enough. Please to be shutting up and reading quietly to yourself while keeping the mocking to a minimum.)

Thing the First: Master Thespian
Remember this and this? Well, it's happened again, only this time, it's by choice, and not out of a sense of guilt and/or obligation and/or duty!

On October 8 and 9, I will be playing the role of Linus in Northwood Christian Church's star-(except for me)-studded production of the musical, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. Linus has a nice solo in the first act which may or may not involve'll just have to come to the show to see it. Tickets are free, with a $10 suggested donation.


Things the Second: Phoning It In

I got a new smartphone -- a Palm Pre Plus! (exclamation mark mine, but the Plus is theirs; I'm not sure what's so "Plus" about it, but there it is). I like that I can now do the e-mail and the Twitter and the Facebook without having to be at a computer, especially since the office computer died and was only mostly resuscitated. (Fun Fact: I just spelled "resuscitated" correctly on the first try.)

Anyway. The phone. Thanks to the good folks at (whatever that is), it's pictured at right in snapped-shut and snapped-open positions, respectively. And it is awesome. I haven't even explored all the apps that you can get for it, but I downloaded a couple of games and whatnot and am really enjoying it.


Thing the Third: Take Off, Eh?
I took some time off from church this summer, and it was great, for a number of reasons.

It was good to sleep in on a few Sundays, instead of always being up and at them first thing in the morning. I also had the opportunity to attend worship elsewhere, which was nice. But I think the biggest step for me was making the commitment to establish better boundaries about my role as a volunteer and how much time/energy I was willing to dedicate to it.

I did decide to spend some time working with the art gallery at the church. We had a show in August and two of my pieces were on display -- one of them, featuring that one scripture passage (subversive!), is there at the right. Click to embiggen and see the pretty flowers from the Daylily Labyrinth at St. Luke's.

I think I'm still working to discern how I can use all my gifts in service of God and others, but taking July and August off from The Luke was a helpful step in that process.


Things the Fourth through the Fifteenth
Here's a quickfire rundown of the rest of the stuff that's up with me:
  • I went to a couple local-food things last weekend and got really pumped about learning how to grow my own food. Mostly because it all tasted really good and fresh, but also because of that nagging voice in the back of my head saying that gardening/farming needs to be part of Plan A to Z.
  • I read this great article: Is Your Longing Preventing You From Actualizing Your Dreams? (Mine might be.)
  • A woman yelled at me for driving too fast in my neighborhood. (I was not.)
  • A woman yelled at me for biking in a not-visible-enough shirt. (My shirt was bright green; her sunglasses and medical marijuana clouds had simply gotten in the way.)
  • A woman yelled at me -- and pounded on my car with her fist -- because she lost control of her child who darted out in front of me in a parking lot.* (I was driving at a reasonable rate of speed and I braked in plenty of time to avoid her child.)
  • I decided not to take any crap from random women yelling at me unjustifiably and, starting with that last one, realized that any adult language that might escape from my mouth in the presence of her children was more embarrassing to her than to me. Therefore, strange women yelling at me, you are warned: You get to decide if it's more important to yell at me or to keep your children from the first class session of Swearing Like A Sailor 101.
  • My mom's Aunt Flossie recorded herself playing some church music several years ago. We turned it into a CD because Flossie wanted her own music for her funeral. (When you're about to turn 99, these are the things you think about, one imagines.) Here's "Because He Lives" by my Great Aunt Flossie:

  • In other music news, I (re?)discovered Sister Hazel, the band. Did you know you can get 20 of their songs for free on Amazon MP3 download?
  • I learned the meaning of "You can do it, Duffy Moon!" and took it to heart. (Well, most days, I'm taking it to heart.)
  • Ditto, the Manifesto of Encouragement.
  • I volunteered at the Best Buddies International conference down at IU. My experience as a volunteer fell under the "If you can't blog anything nice, don't blog anything at all" category, but the conference was a great opportunity for the participants, and Best Buddies is a terrific organization, which you should support.
  • I figured out all the things that happened to me lately by reading my Facebook status updates. Are we friends? If not, we should be!

* And my safe-driving-in-parking-lots vigilance is, by now, fairly legendary. You have to know that Me Driving By was about the safest scenario for when her kid darted out. The only thing that would have been safer was a No Car For Miles situation, which you're just not going to get at 8:45 on a Friday morning.


Robby Slaughter said...

I'm looking both ways three times now before giving up on crossing the street.

Scott S. Semester said...

Just don't give me any lip about it. :)