Wednesday, November 03, 2010

30 Days of Truth: I

Background on the 30 Days of Truth series here.

Day the First: Something you hate about yourself

I suppose it's no surprise that this first post in the 30 Days of Truth series is coming at nearly midnight on Day One. Something I hate about myself is my finely honed skill of procrastination.

Now, don't get me wrong -- there's plenty of stuff going through my head as I contemplate the writing prompt, "Something you hate about yourself," which I have actually taken to mean, "Something about yourself that you'd like to improve." But I think the one that most vexes me is my tendency toward lifestyle of procrastination and its corollary, lack of follow-through. (See Kelsey's 30DaysOfTruth blog post on Unfinished Business. It's like she's writing my story.)

In my work situations, I tend to procrastinate on the non-essential stuff: filing, say, or as another example, filing. And although two trips to Africa and one to India have forever reshaped my concept of time (I am, it turns out, polychronic), I still manage to meet deadlines and keep the important tasks on the front burner.

But in my personal life, I've almost always chosen the path of the happy-go-lucky grasshopper over that of the hard-working ants. And we saw where that got the grasshopper. (Stupid ants.)

There's so much I want to do, and I've developed idea after idea after idea of things I could do, but I haven't taken the linear path on any one of them. Sure, I've made progress toward many items on my Future Tree (and in a couple cases I should have been more careful what I wished for, because come on), but I want to be the type of person with clearly articulated goals and work toward one or more of those goals every day of my life.

I am not currently that type of person.

Rather, I have kind of an "If you daydream it, it will come...someday...but first, how about a round of Angry Birds?" approach, which is very much getting me nowhere -- at least, nowhere on purpose. I've had a ton of kick-ass adventures and most of who I am is because I've been a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of guy, rather than an achievement-at-any-cost kind of guy.

Surely, though, there must be a balance. Someday I just might find it...

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Anonymous said...

Again, I am glad you are doing 30 Days of Truth. It is beautiful, and yet an echo that we are human. Your future tree is quite clever.
Good luck with your goals and procrastination. Oh and I think I shall start my truth blog... tomorrow. maybe...