Saturday, February 05, 2011

Song! Challenge! Special! Winter! Edition!

Friends, it’s well and truly winter in Central Indiana. After the thorough IceWhoopin’ we got earlier in the week, we received another 3 or 4 inches of snow just today!

In honor of all of us who’ve taken a spill while shoveling the driveway and to celebrate those of you who’ve had the good sense to just stay inside today, here’s a winter-themed Song! Challenge!

And whether you’re in a part of the country that’s as deep in the white stuff as we are or you’re wearing shorts and sandals today, you can win today’s prize -- $10 in cash. Cold, hard cash.

In this week’s Song! Challenge!, all the songs contain cold-weather-related words or refer to winter in some way. To enter, just submit a comment with your guesses for all 14 song titles. (We don’t need artists this time around.) Oh, and just to make it a bit more difficult, all the song clips are backwards this time!

The deadline for entries is Sunday, February 6, 2011, at 7:00pm EST.

Good luck, and stay warm!

How To Play

Your task is to identify all 14 clips -- TITLE OF SONG ONLY -- in this week's Challenge!. Some extra information for this week's game:

* Three TV theme songs this week.
* Clips are numbered, to make it easier for you to keep track of which ones you're stuck on.
* Each clip is worth one point.
* I will hold all entries until the deadline and wait to post them until after the 7pm EST Sunday deadline.

The Rules

Your job is to enter your song guesses for all 14 clips (TITLE OF SONG ONLY) as a single comment here on the blog. Standard rules apply: Judge's decision final, have fun, blah blah blah. Again, I'll be counting minor misspellings and other tiny inaccuracies as correct, as long as you're mostly right.

You can submit your comment-entry starting at 7:00pm EST tonight, but I won't be approving any comments until after the Sunday evening deadline. No help from other entries this time around. The deadline for all entries is Sunday evening at 7:00pm EST.

You may enter as often as you like -- but each comment/entry will be counted independent of your other entries; so if you get a question right in one entry but wrong in another, it only counts as correct in the one you got it right in. (Got that?) If you're reading this on Facebook, go to the blog: to hear the quiz and enter your comment/entry.

The Grand Prize

The first person to correctly identify all the clips in a single entry -- or the person with the most points by 7:00PM EST ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6 -- will win $10 in cold, hard cash, sponsored by me.

And hey! If you're cool and would like to participate as a prize sponsor by donating a prize valued at $10 or more, please e-mail me at SSSemester (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Readysetgo by clicking the player below:

Song! Challenge! Returns Tonight!

Hey, so... I know it's been over two months since my last blog post. I've missed you, too.

And now, I have news...

Now, I'm not saying I'm hopping back into things... BUT!

In honor of the fresh winter hell we're dealing with, I'm posting a special Song! Challenge! Winter! Edition! this evening at 7:00pm.

You'll want to be there. You can win $10 cold, hard cash! (Get it?! "Cold" hard cash...?)

OK, see you back here tonight!